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Hi, I'm Nicole.

After spending the last 17 years successfully working with 1,000's of clients reach their health and fitness goals, I've discovered what's holding most people back.

Yes, exercise and following a 'diet' can work, but it's not the key to long-term success. 

As a certified fitness and nutrition professional it's frustrating to see people go from one exercise program to the next, followed by one fad diet to another restrictive diet. 

Not only it'll be difficult to maintain your results, but it's terrible on your body and metabolism. 


I feel it is my obligation to help an individual who has had success in the past, but wants to either take it a step farther or ready to follow a program that's designed to get serious lasting results through small daily habits. 

BS Exercise Science MS Exercise Science MS Sports Management Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist 

5 Day Reset

Whether you just need a quick, focused program to redirect you and get you back on track or you're ready to get sustainable results this reset is for you!  

  • Do you struggle to know what to eat, how much to eat, and in what combination to eat foods?
  • Confused by all of the conflicting information on the internet, diet books, and magazine articles?
  • Do you struggle with the motivation you need to get started and the accountability you need to keep you going?  

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